Shipping of dogs and puppies might be available to your area. Here are some things you will
need to keep in mind:

It is the buyers responsiblily to pay for all shipping costs.
Dogs are shipped in the cargo hold of planes.
Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old (preferably older) to ship.
Shipping is expensive. Expect to pay around $200 for a puppy, more for an older dog. Prices
may vary depending on the airlines, size of dog & weather conditions.
A health certificate issued from a licensed vet is required for air travel. The cost is $49.
You will need to provide a crate for shipping. A puppy sized crate is $40.
Airlines may refuse animals for shipping if the weather is extremely hot or cold at the city of
origin, final destination or any stops in between.

Shipping a dog to you requires me to make several phone calls to airlines, a trip to the vet, a
trip to buy the crate, and a trip to the airport. I live 70 miles from the nearest airport and
there are only a few flights available. A health certificate is required from a licensed
veterinarian. Paperwork must be organized and the crate prepared. I can usually have all this
done within a few days depending on my schedule and getting a vet appointment.

It is becoming more and more difficult to ship dogs. I am limited to Continental, Alaskan
and American Airlines for shipping young pups out of Reno. Alaska Airlines is the only
airline I can use to ship older pups and adult dogs out of Reno. Check their
route map to see
if they fly into an airport near you. American refuses dogs during the summer months and
has strict temperature controls during the rest of the year. The next closest airport is 200
miles away. I may be able to schedule flights out of Sacramento or other major cities if I
happen to be traveling in that direction. I may also be able to schedule ground transportation
but it is usually more expensive and takes up to two weeks to receive a pet.

I understand that this will add considerably to the cost of your pup but please do not ask me
to reduce the price of the puppy because you have to pay for shipping. You are, in essence,
me to pay the shipping for you.  Shipping is very labour intensive and time consuming
for me and requires a long drive to the airport (not to mention the expense of gas to make
the drive). It may actually be cheaper for you to find a low cost flight and fly into Reno. I am
willing to meet you in Reno with the pup when my schedule allows. If the pup is small
enough you may be able to take him home as carry-on (with a fee to the airlines). Dogs
traveling with a passenger are not treated the same as dogs traveling alone as cargo. A crate
and health certificate will still be required whether the pup is cargo or carry-on.